Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PBO : Pinoy Bloggers Outreach Year 2

Arline Matulac

Dear FB friends, kung meron po kayong mga gamit na hindi nyo na ginagamit like damit, books, accessories and etc., at naka-stock lang sa bahay i-donate nio na lang po. Luluwag na ang mga drawers nio nakatulong pa kayo. Kindly see attach posters for details or PM me. Thank you so much in advance

We will have our 2nd Bazaar for a Cause on last four weekends of October. 

We are asking for your support by donating your preloved items that we can sell.

Proceeds of this event will be for our upcoming outreach projects.


  1. josh, kita kits sa OCT 6 ayan ha...

  2. ang sarap that PBO went a long way. congrats sa lahat guys i am so proud of u all!!!

  3. Wow! kudos- galing ng advocacy ng PBO- I salute u guys!

  4. Uy Josh! Good luck on your the PBO event. I hope it goes well :)

    Btw, I'm celebrating my blogs seventh birthday! I’m tagging you in this blog meme. Hope you’ll find it interesting enough to answer it. Hit me when you do, ha! Here's the link:

    Salamat :)

  5. Good luck sa inyo! May there be more people to benefit from your group's generosity.

  6. wow! sana next time makasama ako.. ^_^


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