I am KULAPITOT but I'm not KULAPITOT - confusing I guess but that's the truth.My blog name was from my partner's nickname that means "malandi" though he was sort of like that before lols.I started blogging just for fun and to store memories of what my life has been through the years, my love that inspires me most of the time and anything under the sun , lots of it!

My passion in writing exists during my elementary days until I went to college.I worked for my school publication as an Editor-in-chief for the Filipino category. Basically. I am struggling in terms of my vocabulary in English that's why I prefer to write in vernacular.But I am doing my best to improve my skills on it. 

I don't know who am I in this blogosphere. A traveler? A reviewer? A food expert? A fashion police? Seriously, I don't know! I'll give you the power to choose from those choices! 

Basta I write about LIFE.LOVE.LOTS!


I always feel that I am the sexiest man on earth! my trips would not be completed without taking a photo on undies! Yeah ... I have the guts though I don't have the abs! 

I prefer to take pictures on put some true to life stories on it rather than posting purely on text.But I don't have a camera! I borrow from friends and  sometimes I paid for it.. Hope someone would lend their slr's for free or gave me donation in kind.  :)

Blogging will be always in my heart! And I will never stop to write till the end of my life!

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I love you guys and sana hindi kayo magsawa na magpost at magcomment sa page ko. Nakakatuwa pala dito sa place na ito nasasabi ko ang nararamdaman ko at nabibigyan ako ng lakas ng loob para maging totoo!


  1. ganda naman neto mahalko. :D hehe. iloveyoupo. :)

  2. editor-in-chief

    galing ng mahal ko ha! :D aw! ikaw na tlga! magtayo kna ng newspaper or magazine! :D aw! ako magbebenta!

  3. Hi Kulapitot!

    Thanks for dropping by in my blog site and for commenting also!
    I added you already on my blog roll and mind to add/follow me too!

    Thanks and happy blogging ahead!


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