Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blue Lagoon

Welcome po kayo sa resort ko! (Feeling). Dala ng sobrang init ayan itsura ko hahaha . 

Much has been said about this place, maganda nga talaga! And they even called this as surfing area of the north. Blue Lagoon is the place where you can really enjoy the beach plus the view. On top view represents the true beauty of nature sabi ko nga sa sarili ko ! Wow! sabay picture! Hahahaha.

Visiting at the Blue Lagoon was part of our itinerary hmmm our Php 600.00 tour. Aside from you will able to visit the place, pwede ka pang maligo! Want to sawa ang swimming sa area na to at take note iintayin ka talaga ng tour guide mo..(dapat lang kung hindi maglalakad me pauwi).

Wandering... GUTOM!

Our tour guide suggests to have our lunch here dahil mura lang. Mura ba yung hotdog with rice na Php 60.00 pesos?

The group had a hard time asking the tindera and ordering some foods. It seems na hindi sila accomodating. Isipin niyo ba naman nagtatanong kami walang nageentertain at pag tinatanong mo hindi alam kung pano ka sasagutin. Hai. 

We waited for how many minutes para maintertain lang. We ordered the pork adobo but the taste hmm iba kasi native..

Then we end up ...

Cup noodles...

Anyway , after kumaen na busog at nawala na ang aming pagkabadtrip. Brrp !

Now let's take a tour sa lugar.


  1. this makes me wanna go back to Pagudpud... thanks for sharing.. cheers!!!

  2. Been a while since I visited this place!

    It's my birthday week and I'm giving 2 lucky readers sunglasses of their choice! Go to to see how you can join :)

  3. I am so glad you had a great time!
    Come back again:))


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