Friday, May 18, 2012

Binatbatan Festival: Viva Vigan!

Binatbatan is from root word ‘batbat’—batbat means the process of beating of the cotton pods with two bamboo sticks to separate the seeds from the fluff. In the olden days, the weaver used dried skin of cow where they place the cotton. There is also a technique on how to beat the pods. The rhythm may like this: 1-2-1-1-2.

Actually, the dancers wear an abel-iluko, a unique weave of Ilocanoes mostly made from the cotton pods.

The Binatbatan streetdancing is an expression and tribute to the Ilocanoes of Old. It is an Ilocano dance depicting the first step in the Abel-Iloko weaving process. The streetdancing honors the Abel-Iloko, the traditional craft that has sustained the economy, especially of Vigan, since then the Pre-Spanich Period to the Present. (courtesy from

Okay, I have to search on the internet about this annual street dancing competition at Vigan City. Andun nga ako at that time pero I don't have any idea about this festival since nagkataon lang talaga na andun kami (hihihi). It was very festive and spectacular! Hindi ka mabibintin since maraming entries sa different categories.

 Sa dami , it started from 3 pm and kung hindi ako nagkakamali natapos hanggang 12 am kasama ang tinatawag nilang showdown kung saan maglalaban laban sa plaza ang bawat kalahok. Though, kahit ganun katagal , hindi mo makikita sa bawat tao nagsasayaw na sila ay napapagod ngunit  todo poise pa sila!

It's really more fun in VIGAN!


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