Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A combi of inasal and laing comes into one , the one and only Inasalaing! 

I am not a fan of laing and inasal pero this restaurant proves that when it comes to Filipino dishes they served also the best in town!

Menu on standee.

Look! Caught on camera! Kulapitot !

Menu on the table.. if you noticed may unlimited rice din sila! 

No restroom inside the restaurant only this glass sink.

Lola's bonding.. 

I found this decor cute and very artistic!

While waiting for the food , they also gave a complimentary soup! 

Nanggigil kami sa sisig!

Liempo with a side dish of laing! Try niyo ansarap ng liempo nila at laing! 


What happen? lol

Ayun ! may take out pa!

If you are looking for the best ginataang laing with a chicken inasal this place is the best for you! Though we decided not to taste the inasal , we both agreed na masarap talaga dito!

Kulapitot enjoyed the unli-rice! 6 rice at halos di ginalaw ang ulam at naka take out pa!

Location : 3rd Floor Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, 4301 Cainta, Rizal


  1. mang inasal get ready .. they might gave u run for ur money :)

    1. Tnx for the support! We hope to see you again at our resto! Good day and Godbless! :))

  2. looks yummy, sana matry ko minsan! ang ganda ng jacket mo! kewl!

    1. zaizai tenk u ;) pagawa ka na mura lang hihihi

  3. Replies
    1. :) tenk u for dropping by here .. try nio po minsan

  4. Parang ang sarap naman ng combo! Pareho ko fav yan, at sa sta.lu lang pala siya.. hmm, pwede!

  5. Mahilig ako sa laing lalo na at maanghang!

    1. masarap yung laing nila dyan .. yes prefer ko din maanghang mahlig kasi ako sa maanghang din

  6. I love laing! this resto is cool. I guess a must try:) by the way your background is so neon...lol...love it:)

  7. fan ako ng inasalaing. gusto ko yung chicken dinuguan nila :)


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