Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lego and the North Edsa

This shopping mall was just few minutes' walk from Trinoma. It was known for its size (Annex) and design compare to other SM Malls. Aside from it has a long  elevated curvilinear park which they called "Sky Garden" and "The Block" which was good avenue for events. 

Okay, I know that this place was just ordinary for you guy's but what caught our attention was this Lego that promotes the top destinations here in the Philippines. It puts a certain ads around its area that "its more fun in the Philippines" supporting the Department of Tourism campaign.

Check this out :

Plus, sample shots from "The Annex";


Our gala would not be complete without feeding our stomach . Hihihi 

Let's EAT!

Sometimes, you don't have to go or travel anywhere to spend time with your love one ...

Kahit pumunta lang ng mall or even watching DvD's together okay na. Ang importante we must see to it that
we gave them our time and made them feel that they were important as well.

Till next time ...


  1. We've seen the logo display here in Cebu last month.. ang galing ng pagkaka-gawa.

  2. di pa ako nakakapunta ng sm north edsa....pero ang PR manager diyan ay friend ko sa facebook at noong wala pa facebook ay ka chat minsan o kaya ka email at ka text kasi nagpapasa din siya ng mga kuwento sa diyaryo na Pilipino Ngayon at may napapublish din....kinaibigan ko stefanie...iyon kasi ang nasa fb niya ngayon PR manager at sm north meet ko na rin siya isang beses sa eat bulaga kasi nag work din siya doon...

  3. ang ganda talaga nito, hope they keep this as a permanent exhibit


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