Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trip na Trip sa Norte

I was really inspired by the story of my favorite blogger Chyng Reyes when she visited Ilocos Norte and of course sa ibang mga bloggers na nakapunta na sa lugar na to. Their photos posted on their blog was really attractive and that made me decide to go to Ilocos Norte.

It was again hindi planadong lakad , come what may na lang at based naman sa mga stories nila hindi naman ako mahihirapan pagdating sa transportation at siyempre may gusto namang sumama sa lakad namin which was Sir Chris plan to go to Vigan to visit his father whom he did not meet for almost 16 years. Kaya I insist that we will have a tour to this place also. 

From Manila we choose to ride Farinas bus and the group decided to try yung bus na may Wifi at restroom sa loob. 

I was really dissapointed because outside the bus it looks good , inside medyo hindi siya okay .

My assessment : 

1. Old Chair 
2. Overload (how come that they allow to sit someone in the middle na nakakiddie chair lang)
3. Nangangamoy ng jebs dahil sa restroom at since closed yung bus masusuffocate ka sa amoy nito.
4. Madumi yung restroom.

I sounds "maarte" pero I've been travelling before sa probinsya pero hindi naman ganun ang set-up.

Well , after 8 to 9 hours we reached the city of Laog since sa sobrang excitement sumakay kami agad ng another bus papuntang Pagudpud that took for another 2 hours. (Just ask for the trycle driver assistance to look for the terminal bound to Pagudpud)

We stopped at the town proper , eat eat for lunch then a little inquire sa mga tao sa place.

Nosebleed inabot namin, though we communicate with them in tagalog they reply naman in Ilokano. It's a challenge for us since we dont have any idea sa place kung saan kami matutulog at magiistay.

Then after several interviews the group proceed to the public beach resort of Pagudpud . Sobrang tipid because Php 20.00 for the entrance each then Php 450 for the overnight stay sa cottage that's for the whole group. And kung gusto mo for tent you can rent for small tent good for 2 that's Php 150.00 then for group its Php 300.00 (pwede ka pang makipagnegotiate for lower the price)

First they introduce to Hannah Beach Resort then Saud Beach Resort pero sabi nila kung wala kaming budget they suggest to stay on this public beach resort. You decide if it's look like an ordinary resort.

Beach , Beach, Beach

In motion.

Who can resist on this very beautiful beach. Kahit mga kids oh! Super saya!

Something that they can proud of ...

The place meet my expectations as what I've seen on the pictures . 

Going back , since wala talaga kaming dalang utensils to prepare some food we decided to look around the place na mura lang. Suprisingly, most of the eatery walang laman dahil they serve only on what they called "paluto" meaning they will cook on your request kung seafood or meat. Magpapaluto ka sa kanila kung bibili ka sa palengke o sila ang bibili for you din sila na din ang magluluto. 

For dinner we decided to have a group meal that cost us for Php 900.00 (makakatipid sana kung may rice kayong baon) we have sinigang sa blue marlin , sinigang sa baboy , 2 sets of dinakdakan (best food for this place) and rice rice rice.

Ang sarap sarap naman ng luto ni Nanay! Lol!

They served our food and what makes them special ay ang pagiging sobrang mabait sa amin.

We really enjoyed the food sobrang sarap! I don't have the picture of "dinakdakan" but I can say it same as sisig. 

The night will not be completed kung walang inuman session! Halong pagod at alak equals to ;


Habang tulog si Abby , the rest of the group were looking for pasalubong just near the beach area. Take note, bukas sila kahit gabi.

Bili na kayo!

Teka , mapupuntahan din kita "Windmill". 

Nakalimutan ko na kung anong nangyari after I refuse to get another "tagay" from them. Sa sobrang pagod ko di ko na alam kung saan ako nakatulog. What was I remember , our first day of our trip was something na hindi namin makakalimutan.



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