Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was not able to get over pa sa nangyari sa akin, but I want to forget my last post and write something about this club in Vigan. They called this as Legacy Super Club.

I was amazed how they built this club along the Calle Mabini at the historic Heritage.

Free Entrance!

Who would thought na may ganito pala sa lugar na to!

At sino po ang makakapaniwala na sand ung nasa floor nila? Astig!

Tipid pag linis nito oh!

Isang galloon nga ng Iced Tea!

The tower cost Php 500.00 , mura na rin noh?

Tipsy na me .. At gusto ko ng sumayaw! Patugtug niyo nga yung "Teach me how to Dougie"!

You can sit on this area but may bayad ...

at dahil dyan nalasing ako. Nagtataka me meron pa lang alcoholic content ung Iced Tea . Inum Pa! 

We had so much fun. This is the most recent one I mean ito yung last time na uminom me at nalasing talaga ako ahahahaha ...

Sa langit walang BEER! Beerhin lang lol!

Ambiance+Place+Resident Dj = FUN

If you want to follow them on facebook check their fan page here:


  1. Been there to Laoag and Vigan City, I saw That Super club also pero d ako nka pasok, ganyan pala sa loob. cool, anyway thank you for the comment and for following me, Following you back now, perhaps could you like my fb page? Its new. Thanks :3

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