Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magnum Fever tag this brand of Ice Cream as a "Social Climber Ice Cream " ,since social climber ako in a little way ita try ko din to hihihi.

The Classic Flavor 

Lasang Ice Cream! lol

Check this out .. My friend Iya from California will give me a pasalubong daw ng ibat ibang flavor nito.. What the? Meron Pala! OMG!

Introducing the Magnum Ambassadress in the Philippines ! 


  1. not a fan - pero kung pasalubong bet na baet ko yan!

    di ko tatanggihan yang offer mo sa dapitan at dipolog. lesgow!

  2. aw. Cheng let's set the date ..hihihihi now na!LOL


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