Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Shepherd Baguio

The most requested pasalubong item in Baguio located at Gibraltar Road just a walking distance to Mines View.

One of their hot item that we choose to purchase is the ube that according sa mga madlang tourists holy water daw ginagamit as one of the ingredients. Im not pretty if its true but I definitely like the taste!

Ivory,Rjay and I don't miss the chance to drop by this famous shop/convent.

(andami daw mga gaya-gaya nito sa labas that used their label, well, ganun tlaga pagsikat!)

Price wise it's it's quite mahal and mas mahal daw din sa mga tiangge sa town proper! At take note, limited lang pede bilhin sa isang tao!

They also sell mga breads at marami pang iba.

Entrance, the place and the selling area (queueing)
Ayan may bitbit na kami (Rjay seems so tired na)
Upo mode muna while waiting kay Ivory na halos andami binili.
Go Team Yellow!


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