Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baguio with Team Josh rewind

Team Josh will always be Team Josh and for the rest who were with us sana may next time pa! 

Ano kaya tinitingnan nila? 

Infront of the THE MANSION! Picture! Picture!

Meron din lovers sa likod .. Hahahaha

You have to go to this church ! 

Waiting for the street dancing competition.

Ivory nu nangyari sayo? Sabi jumpshot hindi ganyan! Lol.

Busy street of Baguio.

Yes I cook. Marunong ako magluto! Hahahaha Chef to be...

Anu to connect connect? 

First time magtoothbrush?

Tired but happy.

Kulitan time.

Ancute ni jikoy.

Wright park was so so so ...

Bonding. Alam mo yunbg magkatabi tabi kayo lahat...


Entrance to the mansion.


Sa bus pa lang ang hyper na nila!

Hindi siya Baguio if walang window shopping sa UK! (Ukay-Ukay)

Guy's this just the beginning , alam ko may kanya kanya na tayong buhay ngayon but the friendship and the memories will always be there. I hope those pictures will help you to remember the good times and the best time! EVER! Baguio soon ...AGAIN?


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